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Start by Reading Chapters 8 and 9 (if you haven’t already!)

Turkle says on page 13 in the Introduction to her book: ”Online connections were first conceived as a substitute for face-to-face contact, when the latter was for some reason impractical:  Don’t have time to make a phone call?  Shoot off a text message.  But very quickly, the text message became the connection of choice.  We discovered the network – the world of connectivity – to be uniquely suited to the overworked and overscheduled life it makes possible.  And now we look to the network to defend us against loneliness even as we use it to control the intensity of our connections.  Technology makes it easy to communicate when we wish and to disengage at will.”

I agree with much of the above.  Technology DOES make communication much easier and faster.  But Turkle points out later in the book that technology also burdens us with its convenience.  We’re never without it so that even when we’re on vacation, we’re often expected to be available, or worse, we expect ourselves to continue to be available.  It’s just too easy!  What do YOU think?

Posted by Librarian Kathleen Wiechelman


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