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Miss Manners

I read an article this week, a review of Alone Together and another book, which talked about how texting and sending bunches of emails every week (or day!) as well as the other technologies we enjoy in our lives, have brought about basic changes in the way we conduct ourselves.  Our texts abbreviate words, and our emails sometimes don’t even have a salutation or a sign-off; in other words, we’ve become quite often curt to one another, and it’s acceptable!  Our face to face conversations are often interrupted by text messages, cell phone calls or email, and although those interruptions may annoy many of us, others think those interruptions are “normal”.  How bad will it get?

Truitt, Marc. “Editorial: Singularity–Are We There, Yet?.” Information Technology & Libraries June 2011: 55+. Academic Search Premier. Web. 15 Sept. 2012.

Posted by Librarian Kathleen Wiechelman


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